The Facts, Just the Facts…

A major problem with our society today is judgmentalism. As Jerry Bridges puts it, “We equate our opinions with truth.”

Think about it… a quick look at posts on social media, will show we equate our opinion as the truth.

We don’t have the facts, we don’t investigate, we don’t research, we just run our mouths as if we’re God and everyone else is deceived.

Typically, we run into major issues on things like politics, race, and religion.

And when others push back their opinion, we quickly condemn them and view them as being ‘deceived’ without taking the time to even consider their point of view. We dismiss them, block their comments, and ‘unfriend’ them. And if we don’t Facebook or Twitter may for us…

In our culture, ‘Opinion reigns as truth’ and it changes as quickly as the weather…

For example, take the idea that COVID-19 was released in China from a biological warfare laboratory…

Last year when former President Trump supported this as a viable option for the origin of the disease, many in our news media dismissed it and judged it to not be true because they didn’t like the source of the information.

It wasn’t about finding the truth, but about promoting their opinion.

Now, we see articles about COVID being released as a possibility.

Since the news against the former president has been relegated to the ‘back burner,’ we now can entertain this COVID possibility.

This is nothing more than judgmentalism.

We are being biased and dismissive without considering their suggestion as valid.

My question is, ‘are we all knowing?’

Do we know for certain that wearing a mask does or doesn’t help?

Do we know where COVID originated?

Do we know for a ‘fact’ the vaccine will or won’t help?

Too frequently we only listen to one side and then deem the other side as wrong without even considering it… And even more frequent, without researching it!

We all have a worldview which distorts how we interpret the information we see, but we need to take the time to research in an unbiased manner before we jump to judgmentalism on social media…

Let’s face it, for some things it’s okay to ‘agree to disagree’. For others, we might need to fight for the truth, but unless we take the time to research the issue at hand, we must understand this is simply our biased opinion and not pass judgment on others who may have a different view on it.

We must extend our hands, our ears, and our minds to others and find out where they are coming from and seek to understand each other. Perhaps you’re right and they will see it because you took the time to show them considerately, or perhaps they are right, and you need to adjust your views accordingly. But, if neither takes the time to research and dialogue, then we will continue to decline into name calling and fist fights.

Let’s cancel judgmentalism, instead of our culture… As, it’s the only way our nation will heal the divide…

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Bridges, Jerry. Respectable Sins: Confronting the sins we tolerate. NavPress, 2007.



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